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Evaluate the issue and make the best proactive plan for bedbugs and other pest problems


High heat steaming is one of the most effective plan in killing bed bugs in all stages of their development


Maintenance for pest management is key for keeping the problem away and educating on ways to prevent this from happening again

Additional Information

Prep-Clean is one of the only companies in the area that focuses on integrated pest management. Our focus is to detect the problem and get rid of it for you! We can set you on a weekly or bi-weekly program or just come in for one visit! The program is set up to help get rid of anything and to also keep control of it. We want our customers to be happy with what we do, and we will effectively work with whats best for you. Our programs can be for one single house or even a multi-home unit! Housing departments get the most from our programs as well, with many people coming in and out you don't know what things are coming in with them!